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Healthy isn't a goal - it's a way of living. We help you develop healthy habits for life.

Backed by the groundbreaking Putting Health at the Top team, our innovative program is designed to bring the balance back to your gut health. By supporting digestive well-being, we can promote healthy weight loss along with a whole lot of other amazing benefits!

Whether you are wanting to cleanse for weight loss or just trying to balance a happy, healthy gut, you’ll want to make sure you are only putting the highest quality ingredients and products into your body.

Our Nutritionist approved meal plans are supported by high quality, effective and natural products for complete health from the inside out. Add one-on-one mentoring, an encouraging, like-minded online community, access to tips, tricks and even shopping lists and you’ve got a weight loss program made in heaven!

Stage 1 Reset

  • No Calorie Counting
  • Approved Foods List
  • Lasts 3 Days

Stage 2 Repair

  • Modified Calories
  • High Alkaline Meal Plan
  • Lasts 27 Days

(Can be longer, depending on individual results)

Stage 3 Rebalance

  • Calories increase
  • Lifestyle Meal Plan
  • 21 Days

(Can be longer, depending on individual results)

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Where do I begin! I have a new life now. I started this amazing program a few weeks after giving birth to my second son. During my pregnancy I gained 35kg! I reached 105kg. I thought I’d never lose my weight. I was ashamed at how I had let myself go. 5 1/2 months on the program and I’m down 35.4kg and I’ve been maintaining it ever since. I’m so happy I came across this amazing program. It has changed not only my life but my family life has changed dramatically as well. I’m so happy I came across the Goop Gang. I’m a gooper for life!

Hi My name is Kareena I lost 9kgs on the Ph@tt program I learnt how to eat real foods and loved the motivation I received daily and it changed my life. I don’t say this lightly it literally changed my life not only because I lost the weight and feel amazing but I also became a mentor and now I’m helping other people feel and look amazing. It also gave me the confidence to take control of my life and gave me the financial independence to look after my son on my own. Thank you Goop Gang for being my support I love helping people daily take control of their lives..

I have struggled for years with my weight, since my first baby 18years ago. With each pregnancy (4 babies), I put on more and more weight. I have tried so many things over time….. yes I lost a few kg here and there, but nothing stuck. When a girlfriend told me about Ph@tt and it was about real food. I jumped at the chance, this was the thing I had been waiting for all these years. Something that would teach me about food, the do’s and the don’ts. I’m so happy I took that leap that day, because I’m now over 20kg lighter and finally back to the weight I was before I had my babies.

Hi, my name is Thomas. I started the program 8 months ago at 300kg. I couldn’t walk, sing, move or breath properly. I am currently at 168kg and counting down, my life has been completely transformed because of this program. Not only did I lose all this weight from no surgery and just the nutrition and meal plans but I have the most amazing support or mentors who watch over me. If I can do this, you can too!

Before Phatt I was fat. But I didn’t think I was fat. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the program by my girlfriend Annika that I realised I should really drop 5kg. The meal plans are so easy to follow and the variety of food available is immense. I can’t believe that the 5kg that I wanted to lose turned into 17kg, in just six weeks. I have more energy and my brain fog has completely lifted. I have adopted the 80/20 lifestyle, sticking to the program during the week and making better choices when out socialising. I cannot recommend this program highly enough and have now become a mentor and have helped hundreds of people on their weight loss journey.

After two pregnancies and 30kg overweight, being a working mum who not only took care of her family but also herself proved to be challenging. I couldn’t get to the gym and time restrictions meant dinner was whatever I could whip up after work and school runs. I lost my sense of confidence, pride, identity and quickly fell into a depression. Then I was introduced to this program!! I lost 28kg in 3 months whilst repairing my gut. I gained my confidence, my energy and my happiness back. I feel I’m control of my life again and the clarity that comes with this has benefited my family 10 fold.

I have always struggled with sugar addiction! It was the one constant in my life since childhood. Despite trying intermittent fasting, a vast array of magic pills and fad diets, gym workouts, etc, nothing seemed to be able to help me break the 100kg barrier. At my worst I was 120kg but since starting this program I have lost 24kg in 11 weeks. Not only have I lost weight, I have gained self discipline, self control, happiness and a fantastic community of friends who supported me to achieve these results. I am now a mentor on the program and am sharing my experience, recipes, knowledge and time with others so they too can undertake a fundamental life change.

My story began at a very unhealthy 106kg however, 7 months later, I have surpassed my goal of 68kg, down 38.4kg in total! With the help of my family who also jumped on this program, and our amazing mentor Lizetta, my 20 year battle of yoyo dieting has come to an end. You name it, I have tried it & failed at it, but now I am finally comfortable in my own skin! Although this is the end of my Goop Gang journey, it is truly only the beginning… the beginning of my new, healthy and happy life – giving back to this wonderful community by helping my mentees achieve their goals too.

After having both my babies, multiple prednisone treatments for my bowel condition & comfort eating I was unrecognisable. I was overweight, unhealthy & miserable! I lacked self confidence & self esteem due to the weight. I refused to be in any photos, attend functions & I just remained in my little bubble, away from the real world. I found this program in June 2018 and have completed 2.5 rounds, losing 24kg! I’m a completely new woman with a whole new perspective on food and life. I’m now a much happier & healthier person not just for myself, but for my family! I’m now helping others achieve their own goals as a mentor. When something is this incredible, everyone should know about it!!!

I am a busy mamma of 2 and was in desperate need of an overhaul. I let myself go and lost all motivation to feel or look good. At first I was skeptical as I had tried all fad diets and thought this was just another one. However, a dear friend introduced me to this amazing program so I decided to give it a go. I started my journey on the 6th June 2018 and in 7 short weeks, I lost 13kgs. I am proud to say, 1 year has passed and I have maintained my weight, give or take 2 or 3kgs, but I am okay with that because I have learnt exactly what to do to get it back off.

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