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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Chances are it’s been asked before. If not, send us a message and one of our mentors will be happy to answer it for you.

You must provide the product fact sheets and program to your GP for approval before commencing.

With our meal program, your gut is now having to WORK.

  • Take 2 scoops of Fibre in a glass of water before bed and in addition to the fibre had with Goop.
  • Alternatively, Agarol (available from the chemist).

Discuss this with your doctor before commencing.

Yes, although weight loss may be slower. You must be able to eat eggs and dairy.

Maintenance allows the body to rest and reboot as it thinks we are feeding it plenty again, so it will allow the body to release more fat in the next round. It also allows for a break from restricted eating. Additionally, it increases the good fats that are necessary for a healthy body function.

The program is designed so that step 3 is your lifestyle approach to healthy eating for life.

  • If you have more to lose then there is a minimum 10-14 days on step 3 before going back to Step 1 and continuing to lose more weight.
  • The amount of time on Step 3 if you have achieved your weight loss is dependent on how long you were in Step 2:
    ⎯ 27 days step 2 then 27 days of maintenance
    ⎯ 37 days Step 2 then 37 days of maintenance
    ⎯ It is advised that to keep your weight off Step 3 should be continued as a lifestyle approach

Check that you are adhering to the program:

  • Eating the correct amount of grams
  • Drinking the recommended amount of water
  • Not eating or drinking after 6.30pm
  • Going to the toilet regularly.

If this is all ok, you may just be holding water. If still the same after 3 consecutive days (4 mornings in a row same weight) do an apple day.

We highly recommend NOT deviating from the meal plan chart in any way. “Creating” your own version of the meal plan chart is not advised, and weight loss may be slower.

  • You can swap a protein from your meal plan with any protein from the approved table, taking into consideration any weight difference.
  • You can swap a vegetable from your meal plan with any vegetable from the table ONLY from the same group and the weight mustn’t be changed.
    – For example – 150g Spinach can be swapped with 150g of any vegetable in Group A.
    – For example – 150g prawns can be swapped with 150g of any protein in GROUP A or with 125g of any protein in GROUP B or with 100g of any protein in GROUP C.
  • Red meat and pork can only be consumed for breakfast and lunch, not dinner

Unless there is a SPECIFIC extenuating circumstance (eg. medical conditions) the answer is NO. This is because the whole reason this program is affordable is that we provide all the info on the website and online.

Fermented foods are high in sugar and may cause bloating, diarrhea or have a laxative effect. They are okay to use after Step 2 only.

Everyone is different… genetics, how long it takes and how much you are overweight etc.

Yes, up to 3 times a day.

The nutrition is responsible for supporting your gut. Our program will support your gut, allow your villae (finger-like protrusions on the inner wall of your intestine
responsible for increasing the surface area for absorption of nutrients into your blood stream) to stand up and work to their full potential.

We have had many determined Goopers who work night shift/FIFO and are still successful with the program. If you are concerned, our mentors can recommend strategies to easily integrate the program into your lifestyle and help you achieve the best possible results.

Mono eating simply means eating one type of food per serving. I.e: One type of protein and one type of vegetable per meal.

When we mono eat, the body doesn’t have to work as hard, which decreases bloating and maximises nutrient absorption, satisfying your body’s needs with fewer calories and curbing those naughty addictions like carbs and sugars.

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