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Asked Questions

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You must provide the product fact sheets and program to your GP for approval before commencing.

Discuss this with your doctor before commencing.

Yes, we have a vegetarian option available. 

Step 3 is designed to re-introduce all food groups back into your diet and help you transition your new healthy habits into daily life.

  • If you want to do another round, we recommend a minimum of 10-14 days on step 3 before going back to Step 1.
  • The amount of time on Step 3 if you have achieved your weight loss is dependent on how long you were in Step 2:
    ⎯ 27 days step 2 then 27 days of maintenance
    ⎯ 37 days Step 2 then 37 days of maintenance
    ⎯ It is advised that to keep your weight off Step 3 should be continued as a lifestyle approach

Check that you are adhering to the program:

  • Following the meal plan exactly
  • Drinking the recommended amount of water
  • Not eating or drinking after 6.30pm
  • Going to the toilet regularly
  • Reduce your salt intake
  • Do some low intensity exercise such as walking, pilates, yoga or light weights.

For best results, we highly recommend sticking to the proposed meal plan and approved food list. For the first 3 days (Step 1) you can eat anything from this list. For Step 2, please refer to the meal plans provided in the portal. If you are looking for recipe inspiration, check out Goop Gang Kitchen on Facebook.  Remember – do not cook in oil, butter or margarine. Salt should be used in moderation.

  • You can choose any protein from the group outlined for that meal on the meal plan. Protein sources have been divided into groups based on the necessary serving size needed to achieve a minimum of 30g protein per serve.


    All protein sources (including red meat and pork) can be distributed and consumed at any meal throughout the day, however any protein source must only be swapped with a different type within the same category (i.e. 100g beef is a Group C protein, this can be swapped with 100g of another Group C protein).

  • You can swap a vegetable from your meal plan with any vegetable from the below table but ONLY from the same group and the weight must not be changed. For example, 200g Spinach can be swapped with 100g of Zucchini and 100g of mushroom or 100g Cauliflower can be swapped with 100g of any vegetable in Group B. 

Unless there is a SPECIFIC extenuating circumstance (eg. medical conditions) the answer is no. 

Fermented foods are high in sugar and may cause bloating, diarrhea or have a laxative effect. They are ok to use after Step 2 only.

Everyone is different… genetics, how long it takes and how much you are overweight etc. If you are concerned about skin, talk to your mentor about our amazing Liquid Biocell Skin. 

The short answer is yes. Because you are eating from a modified calorie meal plan, the supplements are necessary to support your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Plus, because of soil depletion, fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the varieties most of us get today, so every extra bit of nutrition counts. 

We have had many determined Goopers who work night shift/FIFO and are still successful with the program. If you are concerned, our mentors can recommend strategies to easily integrate the program into your lifestyle and help you achieve the best possible results.

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