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10,000 Toxins Before 10am

We all wake up in the morning wanting to start the day off on the right foot and do the right things by ourselves, our families and the world in which we live. We mop our floors, clean breakfast benches, we bathe ourselves, brush our teeth and we clothe ourselves in a beautiful soft jumper. However, every day many of us may be unknowingly exposed to over 10,000 chemicals, some are potentially harmful toxins.. all before 10am!  

The Bathroom

The best wake-up call is to hit the shower, where we wash away the morning blues, go over that mental to-do list and maybe even sing a few out-of-tune notes. But did you know that many soaps, body washes and even cleansers contain potentially harmful chemicals? You are literally scrubbing yourself with them, all unknowingly! 

The Bedroom 

After our shower, we head to the bedroom where we lather ourselves with creamy moisturisers and body butters to give our skin that extra attention it needs. Little do we know the fragrance and creaminess may have been created using potentially harmful toxins. 

And what about the lip gloss we add to give our smiles a little extra shine? Yep – you guessed it – that too may contain potentially harmful chemicals that you are directly adding to those plump lips. 

The Kitchen

We all work hard to meet the nutritional needs of our family and the kitchen is the place where we prepare healthy, wholesome food. And yet we are none the wiser that the breakfast bench we all sit around may have been wiped with potential toxins from the multi-purpose cleaner we’ve used to clear up last night’s mess. Sipping on our green smoothie while the kids munch on cereal, we don’t think about the dishwasher we pulled the dished from as the cycle finishes. Not knowing that the steam that rises from the dishwasher may contain toxins. 

The Laundry 

The last thing we do as we step outside to begin the day is grab a jacket out of the clean clothes basket that has been washed using powder that may not be as safe as we thought. Chemicals found in fabric softeners and laundry powder can enter out body through inhalation or even through our skin’s contact with the residue. 

Is this really how you want to start your day? Or how you want your family to start theirs? The world can be a hard place for us all to just live in sometimes, so why add to that when you don’t have to? 

We concisely eliminate unnecessary and potentially harmful ingrediectsfound in many conventional products. We believe that what we leave out is just as important as what we leave in. 

Article from Modere 2019 Catalogue


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