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A (Granny Smith) Apple a Day!

Those of you who have been on the program know that most days we snack on an apple, in particular, a green apple. But you may not know why our dietician chose this particular apple over it’s red and yellow counterparts. 

Turns out not all apples are created equal. When it comes to weight-loss — it seems that green Granny Smith apples have been scientifically proven to an advantage over red or yellow apples such as the Gala or Fuji apples or the Golden or Red Delicious apple varieties.

Why? Granny Smith apples contain only about 80 calories each, yet are full of fibre to help you stay fuller for longer. Researchers say that Granny Smith apples in particular have plenty of non-digestible compounds like fibre and polyphenols, which your good gut bacteria love to feast on — particularly when you leave the skin on. These same compounds can also help balance out the bacteria in your digestive system. 

What’s better, apples have a low glycemic index, which means your blood sugar levels don’t spike when you eat them. So while they taste amazingly sweet, your body is able to process the sugar in a manageable way. And because apples are both sweet and filling, snacking on an apple can be a smart way to control cravings when you’re trying to lose weight. 


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